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Clonar inputs con jquery

06 de Mar, 2018

Como podemos clonar los inputs de un formulario fácilmente con jQuery. Algunas veces nos encontramos con que debemos clonar entradas o cualquier elemento del html del DOM. Haremos un ejemplo para clonar Inputs. Primero creamos el formulario <div class="vars" data-array="1"> <p> <label for="version">Field 1</label> <input type="text" class="widefat" name="vars[0][field]"> </p> </div> <span class="clon-this">Click Here to Clon […]

Secure your admin

20 de Sep, 2016

=== Secure Your Admin === Generate an extra variable to secure your wp-admin access thru a simple variable name & hash passed in the URL

Show Random Post

09 de Oct, 2015

=== Show_Random_Post === Show_Random_Post allows users generate a Widget that automatically shows posts by category on a timed loop automatically.

Linkedin_Oauth WordPress Plugin

26 de Ago, 2015

Linkedin_Oauth allows users to login into your wordpress using their linkedin account, it will set a login button on your login page and uses a shortcode to put the button wherever you want it to show.

Metabox Glossary

26 de Ago, 2015

=== Metabox Glossary === Metabox Glossary allows you to set glossary items to a certain post and show it on a Widget